How Twenty Five Doors Works

An online platform changing wine tourism and discovery.

Twenty Five Doors is a brand new, Australian start up that is changing how people find wine. Our vision is to create a personal connection between every wine lover and their favourite cellar doors. How? By giving you an incredible, personal experience online and in the cellar door.

There’s no more researching, driving around in circles or standing in the winery waiting for your next small taste. Twenty Five Doors members get to try the good wine every time and enjoy a personal and one-on-one wine experience.

Twenty Five Doors: six unique features supporting wineries and helping you


  1. Personalised self-guided itineraries
  2. Premium cellar door experiences
  3. Unique virtual cellar door experiences
  4. Community rating system
  5. Revenue share model
  6. Innovation fund

Personalised self-guided itineraries


Don’t go where everyone else goes. Tell us what you like and get the personal itinerary your best friend would give you.

It’s like having a best friend in every wine region of the world.

When visiting a wine region, we take the hassle out of finding the best cellar doors. Your personal itinerary is 100% free and gives you a mapped guide of cellar doors you’ll love, its rating and a little bit of information to help you have a great time there.

And because we’re 100% independent, you can guarantee that you are getting the best wineries for what you are looking for. No one can buy their way onto your personal itinerary!

Premium cellar door experiences


The Personal Experience (Members only)

A Personal Experience is your guarantee of a good time at the cellar door; you get to try limited availability wines and get personal hospitality from the winery.

Each membership includes a certain number of passes for Personal tasting experiences. One pass is valid for one person. Additional passes can be bought if necessary.

Personal tasting experiences can be found by creating your personalised itinerary and can only be booked on Twenty Five Doors.

The Exclusive Experience

An Exclusive Experience is limited only by the winery’s imagination. Some examples might include:

  • Create your own blend
  • Vertical tasting plus winery tour and barrel tasting
  • Hot air balloon ride over vineyards, followed by lunch
  • Museum or special release wines
  • Degustation lunch with the winemaker and matching museum stock

Each membership includes a discount on an Exclusive tasting experience.

Find and book Exclusive tasting experiences on your personalised itinerary.

Unique virtual cellar door experience


If you are like most people, you probably only visit a wine region once a year.

Love wine club member benefits, but hate commitment? Twenty Five Doors members get access to extremely limited wine club offers from our Wine Partners.

This is a no obligation, no minimum purchase wine club unlike anything else. It’s like being a member of the best wineries without paying for it.

Wine club opens on the 3rd of each month for 7 days only. It’s first in, best dressed. These are wines you won’t find anywhere else and include back vintages, special runs, and wines you’ll be proud to put on your table when friend visit.

Buy or not buy, it’s your choice. But don’t miss out. (and 99% of the sale price goes directly to the winery; the other 1% goes to the Twenty Five Doors innovation fund to invest in wine tourism).

Community rating system


We want the cellar doors offering the best experiences to get the recognition and visitors they deserve.

Our rating system is simple and ensures that great experiences are rewarded. There are four questions:

  1. Would you go to the winery again?
  2. Would you recommend the winery to a friend?
  3. Was it a unique experience?
  4. Did you buy any wine?

The questions are weighted with 40% for the first question and 10% for the last question. We do not show individual ratings, but rather use an average of all ratings which drives our unique algorithm.

On the rating page, we also ask members to tell us other things about the winery they loved. This information helps us provide advanced filtering and more accurate itineraries.

To ensure the authenticity of the ratings, only registered members can rate wineries. Each winery can only be rated once, however, members can change their rating. The platform remembers your rating for next time.

Our revenue share model


Twenty Five Doors is investing in wine tourism and supporting wineries through a unique revenue share model.

For every Personal tasting experience you enjoy, we give $5 per person directly to the winery.

The Innovation Fund


In addition to money from your annual membership fee going directly to the wineries, 1% of all transactions through the premium sales channel goes toward our innovation fund.

The purpose of this innovation fund is to invest in projects that improve wine tourism for tourists and wineries.

Funds will be dispersed annually, commencing at the end of 2018. Between now and then we are consulting with wineries and tourism groups on exactly the best way to set up the fund to have greatest impact.