Our Favourite Cellar Door Tastings

A personal and exclusive connection makes everything in life better… but what does that mean in the cellar door? To show you, here’s a glimpse of our favourite cellar door experiences (in no particular order!).

The essence of a great wine collection

Anyone can build a great wine collection and doing so doesn’t make you a ‘wine wanker’, far from it.

It’s about the right wine at the right time.

Rutherglen wineries & cellar doors

The Rutherglen wine region is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia. Most people know the region for muscat and other fortified wine, but with its perfect grape growing conditions, you will find an incredibly diverse range of wines worthy of your dinner table and your cellar. Combine with family owned and ran cellar doors and genuine country charm, this is a region you will remember forever.

Barossa wineries & cellar doors

Wine tasting in the Barossa is like no other place. It is arguably Australia’s most well known region both locally and internationally, and while Shiraz is what most people think of when talking about the Barossa, there is a new breed of winemakers that are experimenting with lots of other grape varieties, including some lesser-known (or popular) white varieties such as Viognier, Marsanne and even Rousanne.

Yarra Valley wineries & cellar doors

The Yarra Valley is a bit of an enigma. It is one of the big and renowned wine regions of Australia alongside the Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley and Margaret River, yet it is elusive and mysterious as a destination. Sure, the wine buffs will quickly point to Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz as typical Yarra Valley wines, but for the rest of us, we probably ask ourselves: “What wine comes from the Yarra Valley?”

Bearing the torch for real wine producers

Unfortunately, wine is on a fast track to commoditisation. Some might say it has already happened.

There are many reasons for this, but one of the least acknowledged reasons is that wineries have lost control of their relationship with the customer.

The wine tasting

Who doesn’t like a wine tasting? Even better, a weekend away among the vines and the people that make it all happen? There’s something exotic and wondrous about driving through a wine region, passing the vines that tell the history of fashion and fortune, and walking through a cellar door with anticipation of great wine to taste.

The Twenty Five Doors ‘why’

We’ve grappled with the ‘Why’ of Twenty Five Doors for years. We always knew the what — personalised self-guided itineraries of wine regions to find the best cellar doors — but the why has taken longer. Why is this a good thing? Why should anyone — let alone the wine industry itself — care about what we were doing? And who am I to them? I’ve never ran a cellar door. I’ve never worked in a winery. I can’t even say I’ve really sold wine.