Our Story


A personal connection between every wine lover and their favourite cellar doors.

We like to think of it like this: if your best friend ran a winery, what would you expect? To begin with, when you visit the cellar door, you’ll definitely expect a personal experience: the good glasses and the wines that regular visitors don’t get. Secondly, when great wine was being sold, they’d let you know first and give you a good price.

And because it is your best friend, you’re not expecting them to give you a 60%+ discount (because you know they still need to live), what you’re more interested in, is having the wine, because no one else has it.

And in return, you’d tell everyone about them.

Now imagine having this relationship with all of your favourite wineries. That’s the Twenty Five Doors vision.


We exist to connect wine lovers that crave unique, authentic wine experiences with the real wine producers that make these experiences possible.

We work with and support wineries to create better, more unique wine experiences. We encourage wine consumers to visit the cellar door to learn about, and buy, the wine they share with friends and celebrate their successes in life.

Where the idea begun

Twenty Five Doors started from our love wine regions; the country air, the discovery, the decadence, the time spent with family and friends… and of course, drinking wine.

The original idea was born out of visiting many wine regions over many years, trying a few tours, but always feeling like we didn’t get value for money. We were on someone else’s schedule, rarely went to any unique wineries, had to share our experience with a mini-bus of people which meant we couldn’t really have ‘us’ time, and good conversation with the people in the wineries was limited.

Pretty soon, we changed our thinking and starting visiting wineries based on the principle of “one glass, no plonk” . It meant we could drive all day, drink good wine and go where we wanted. Over the years we found many great wineries, in many different regions, and very soon we had many, (many!) people asking for recommendations.

The very first informal self-guided tour was of the Barossa; following the weight of requests, we actually wrote down all our recommendations into a self-guided tour.

That was 2005; the iPhone didn’t exist, apps weren’t a thing and the vision was just a dream. All these years later, it is now a reality.

The big (big!) vision

Our big, big vision is to build a global wine tourism platform that puts every wine region in the world on the map… but from small things, big things grow.

So we’re starting in Australia and will work one-by-one to get new regions on board.

What that means for you is that as a Twenty Five Doors member, you will have access to the global network of premium cellar door experiences.

We work by consensus with regions and wineries, so that Twenty Five Doors members and wineries get a better experience. It is free for all wineries to be on the Twenty Five Doors platform, but they have to want to be there: we don’t just add them without their knowledge.


Who is Twenty Five Doors?

Twenty Five Doors was founded by Ross Maher and Amy Luscombe. A husband-wife team who love cooking, entertaining, travel, and of course, wine. Their history spans everything from the building sector, consulting, charities, big corporates, small business and government.

A number of great people have also worked behind the scenes to make it happen. Mathew Klintfalt, Cassandra Klintfalt, Glenn Drew, Daniel Lewis, Stan Zets, Eamon Haywood and Ben Mastwyk to name a few.

In addition to these people, we also consider our Wine, Cellar Door and Regional partners as part of our team. Without their efforts (and trust!), Twenty Five Doors would not exist.